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Getting used to a new life

Getting used to a new lifeWhen you are a nerd, there aren’t a lot of things that you can look forward to. Of course, I don’t really like to call myself that and I wouldn’t normally do it, but I have to because that is the only way that I can describe what people thought of me and how they used to treat me. However, I had a couple of mates that I spent my free time with and they were everything I needed.

Unfortunately, my problems started when they started dating and when they all found themselves in serious relationships. The problem was that they didn’t have so much time for me. When it came to birds (not really my favourite expression, but that’s what my mates call them), I can’t say that I wasn’t interested because I was. But I was also too shy to do anything about it because to tell you the truth, I had tried a couple of times, but I only ended up being humiliated.

My failures to find dates were rather discouraging and thus, I gave up completely. The day I changed my mind about the whole dating thing was when I got a job as an assistant at university. Girls started looking at me differently, which made me more confident. There were girls who were willing to go out with me and I wasted no time. I asked one of the girls that I liked out on a date and she said yes.

However, when it was time for us to have sex (that would have been the second time I had sex and I would rather not talk about the first one), I found that sex was extremely challenging because even though I managed to get it up, I couldn’t maintain my erection. The following attempts were more or less similar and instead of becoming better and better, I got worse. And then one day, I couldn’t even get it up. Nothing was going on; it was as if I was 70 years old.

Getting used to a new lifeFortunately, my doctor didn’t worry so much about it because as he said, these things happen and I shouldn’t dwell on my problems. He said that instead of feeling sorry for myself I could take Viagra if I wanted. Without thinking too much about it, I took Viagra because I was still quite young and I certainly didn’t want to give up sex without actually experiencing it the way it was supposed to be experienced.

And right before my next date, I was prepared to take Viagra and hoped that things would work out. However, I didn’t anticipate that my date wouldn’t want to have sex right away. What a mistake that was. Our next date was more successful and I finally got a chance to test the product. And all I have to say is that I really enjoyed that night.

All in all, I was once a nerd, but I am definitely not a nerd any more. My new job made it easier for me to find dates, but Viagra made it possible for me to finally enjoy having sex.

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